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Core Values

“It is not until you change your identity to match your life blueprint that you will understand why everything in the past never worked.”
― Shannon L. Alder


Force Multiplier Management

Making Greater Feats Possible

Force-Multiplying Core Values

Core values define the entire culture of a company and nonprofit alike. After decades in nonprofit management and senior leadership our core values have been refined by our unique interests, perspectives and experiences in the mission-based sector.

Engine for Good. We hold core to our existence the belief that business, an effort about and around people, should exist as an engine for good. Whether nonprofit or commercial, a business holds the key to purpose, health, prosperity, friendship, community, wholeness, and mutual success.

Be Eclectic. Success comes from deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. This diversity is supplied by our involvement and monitoring of industries, publications, events, corporate business practices, education, leading nonprofits and more. We take the examples of greatness we find across all spectrums and turn them into creativity and value for our clients at scale.


Reflect Passion. Nonprofit work, the primary focus of our services, is driven by passion. Passion around stakeholder and member engagement, the issues, and the assembly of common interests that create mission. Passion fuels the movement toward mutual understanding and importance of things that can affect the lives of the people and the organization. It motivates people to get involved initially and is the driving force that keeps them engaged, and therefore must be cultivated and reflected in genuine ways.


Diversity. We must be conscious and supportive of the need to incorporate diversity in all that we do. Diversity is inclusive of any and all marginalized or disadvantaged communities. That means socially, but also the segments of people and perspectives generally within the community of stakeholders that a nonprofit organization represents. The feeling of being “an island” or “stuck in the system” of any kind – in life or in an organization – diminishes the life experience and contribution toward our shared future. Inclusion and diversity epitomize the notion of stronger together than apart.

Apolitical. Our operation is politics-free. You are entitled to maintain whatever political thought you like, and appropriately express that thought in any number of venues. Force Multiplier Management respects your political positions and free speech but does not engage in politically-oriented direct advocacy, does not associate with any political party or its platforms, and will not accept business from clients that serve a primary political interest. There’s a place for politics, it just isn’t here.

Professionalism. To be a “professional” means to engage in a particular profession, to learn and experience, allowing one to return value in the form of knowledge and perspective benefitting others, and to be compensated for it. We recognize that many nonprofits are often underfunded, under-resourced, and under pressure to deliver for their constituents. This means staff end up working in multiple roles, sometimes outside of their areas of professional comfort or expertise which can hamper effectiveness and mission, as well as staff satisfaction and balance. Force Multiplier Management delivers professional services, allowing client-organization staff to excel within their professional areas and priorities. We are as committed to our own professionalism as we are yours.

Human Expression and Value. We believe that every person has value and the potential for contribution through their expression. A nonprofit represents an avenue of expression and engagement for people in the community to influence issues and build a framework of action around an idea or topic that reflects their interests and priorities. It’s simple, your value in any organization largely equates to your ability of expression through words, action or leadership and we want to help facilitate that.

Respect. This encompasses and weaves throughout all of our Core Values. Respect for contribution, perspective, experiences, desires, time, sacrifices and the challenges that nonprofits embrace for the good of their stakeholders. As noted, nonprofits are about people in the end, and those people can only flourish through mutual respect.

Open-Mindedness. The world is a quickly-changing place even in non-COVID times. Our shared better-future demands us to be willing to open our minds and hearts to the perspective of others and to the good outcomes that can come from considering new ideas, methods and avenues to pursue mission. A closed-mind is like a pot too small for a plant, lacking space, abundant nutrients to fuel growth, and room for the limbs that will serve as a foundation for upward and outward expansion.

Creativity and Innovation. We commit to being innovative and creative in our use and application of technology, in our approach to positioning and serving our clients, and in design of solutions to their most pressing challenges.

Agility and Adaptability. These are the hallmarks of success, of overcoming the adversity that invariably shows up. Rigidity and conformity are restricting and halt progress. Force Multiplier Management commits to remaining agile and adaptable to our surroundings and challenges, meaning yours too.

Awareness. We commit to stay on top of our game and the education, issues and considerations impacting our business as well as yours. Things change in big ways today, if we aren’t prepared to track and accommodate those changes through our continued awareness, then value and effectiveness are diminished.

Best Efforts / Best Practices. We commit to employing our best efforts for you. This means simply that we will use all of our experience, judgement, relationships, resources, persistence, culture and core values to perform in the absolute best ways possible for you, your organization, community and issues. We will incorporate best practices as defined and promulgated by leading experts, associations, related certification bodies and other credible and influential sources of leadership in the fields we serve.

Conflict Avoidance. Force Multiplier Management commits all reasonable efforts to avoid taking on clients that have directly opposing interests or conflicts of interest among their primary functions.

Technology. Technology is the great equalizer and enabler of greater feats with fewer resources. Never in history has there been more prevalent and available tech than now. Pairing innovative technologies, Software as a Service (SaaS) configuration, emerging best practices, and creative, driven minds to solve problems and discover opportunities is critically important to maintaining competitiveness and managing costs. Force Multiplier Management believes that off-the-shelf technology, tried, tested and proven with customer support and scalable capabilities, is the first go-to, most effective, safe and affordable option when configuring solutions for clients.


Privacy. Force Multiplier Management commits to actively preserving and protecting the privacy of our clients, as well as client organization stakeholders/members/donors through our efforts. Additionally, we will never share or sell any information related to our clients or their interests. If you have a particularly sensitive issue or information to provide to us, we offer a highly encrypted alternative communication platform that can be utilized upon request.

These Core Values make us whole, give us direction, make us feel contributory in our own way, and through business make the world, and its nonprofit community a little more kind, a little more productive, and a little more resilient.

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