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Education and certification, be it online or in person, are unique differentiators for the student and a brand-equity builder for you, the provider. Your organization benefits from coalescing its expertise and diversity to better people through education, including members, the industry, or even the onboarding and training of your employees. 

Financial services are likely some of the most time-consuming but critically important activities in your organization. Everything relies upon proper budgeting, tracking and reporting of funds.

Effective administration of critical functions and processes allow your organization to operate properly. This produces member value and confidence, allowing your organization to focus on its mission promise. Get help here.

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Force Multiplier Management AMC offers a suite of flexible services delivering value-proposition expansion, empowerment and technology-agile growth to nonprofit organizations. 

Adaptation  |  Resilience  |  Growth  |  Technology

Adaptation  |  Resilience  |  Growth  |  Technology

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We help you move at the speed of your members.

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