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Education and certification, be it online or in person, are unique differentiators for the student and a brand-equity builder for you, the provider. Your organization benefits from coalescing its expertise and diversity to better people through education, including members, the industry, or even the onboarding and training of your employees. 

Financial services are likely some of the most time-consuming but critically important activities in your organization. Everything relies upon proper budgeting, tracking and reporting of funds.

Effective administration of critical functions and processes allow your organization to operate properly. This produces member value and confidence, allowing your organization to focus on its mission promise. Get help here.

Adaptation  |  Resilience  |  Growth  |  Technology

Adaptation  |  Resilience  |  Growth  |  Technology

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Your Path to a Better AMC Experience

Nonprofits of all sizes have at least one common challenge today:

Finding competent and experienced staff.

The "big" nonprofits have the budget to fill their critical positions, and often have more open positions advertised than small-medium size nonprofits have total staff. Reading through all the lofty (and lengthy) job descriptions for the "bigs" leaves most other nonprofits with a marginalized sense of - What I could do with just one of those positions in my organization.

It's this unique need that Association Management Companies (AMC) seek to provide solutions to. If your nonprofit is lacking an important leadership or support staffer and adequate personnel budget (salary+overhead) to fulfill your mission, you are missing opportunities, leaving challenges unanswered, jeopardizing your mission and value, and risking your supporters. You need someone, even if just to bird-dog a project for you.

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AMCs are great because they recognize the limited budget nonprofits have to work with, and can provide great flexible services without putting long-term costs on the organization. But not every nonprofit client needs high priced government affairs, flashy international offices or inflated hourly rates.

If you're looking for flexible, friendly, competent and experienced nonprofit consultant assistance on any aspect of your organization, we are here to offer a thoughtful no-stress conversation about your needs, creative suggestions for solutions, and if selected, a great working partnership pursuing your organization's continued impact, supporter loyalty, and growth.

If you're ready for a better way to pursue your mission, click here. >>Split Svcs - Charity v Assoc<< >>SMB<<


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